What's Happening?

Urgent Senate Bill 100 Update

Senate Bill 100 will be heard today in the Senate Finance meeting.

Thu Jun 01 07:45 AM

White Pine Students Continue Their Participatory Government and Persuasive Writing Activities

Local students rose to the challenge of learning how a bill becomes a law, how legislators balance priorities, and how to exert influence in the democratic process back in March. Now they are upping their game!

Mon May 22 03:12 PM

Supe's Stories Episode 15

Visit with White Pine Superstar and Director of Nutrition Mele Kingston

Thu May 04 11:00 AM

Vivian Farnsworth, Teacher of the Month

Ms. Farnsworth is an incredible special education teacher at the Lund schools.

Fri Apr 21 10:28 AM

Jordan Bracken, Teacher of the Month

Mr. Bracken is a dynamic English teacher at WPHS.

Fri Apr 21 10:22 AM

Lara Baer, Support Staff of the Month

Ms. Baer is an amazing administrative assistant at WPHS.

Fri Apr 21 10:18 AM

Nutrition Program Update

WPCSD partner Chartwells and local superhero Mele Kingston share nutrition updates.

Sat Apr 01 10:05 AM

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