Office of the Superintendent

Mr. Young is in his ninth year as superintendent of the WPCSD.  Prior to that, he was the WPHS principal for 13 years and a teacher for four.  Mr. Young still teaches choir as part of his duties and was named Nevada ACDA's Choral Administrator of the Year in 2023.  He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from UNLV and is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at BYU.  He is a WPHS graduate and lifelong White Pine resident.  Mr. Young has three sons, a beautiful daughter in law, and two special granddaughters.  He can frequently be found with them on the golf course and basketball court.  Mr. Young currently serves as the president of the Nevada Association of School Superintendents and as a member of the WestEd Board of Directors.
Adam YoungSuperintendentadam.young@wpcnvadmin.com289-4851 x 7108
Julie HeggieExecutive Secretaryjulie.heggie@wpcnvadmin.com289-4851 x 7103
Karla DolezalStudent Information Coordinatorkarla.dolezal@wpcnvadmin.com289-4811 x 5110
Dale ScowTransportation Directorkurt.lee@wpcnvadmin.com289-4851 x 7112
Roman MarianiTechnologyroman.mariani@wpcnvadmin.com289-4841 x 3106
KL BrandisTechnology kl.brandis@wpcnvadmin.com289-4841 x 3106
Heather WilliamsChief District Nurseheather.williams@wpcnvadmin.com289-4811 x 5105


Supe's Stories

Interviews with Members of the WPCSD Family

Supe's Stories Episode 30

Visit with WPHS senior and valedictorian Lydia Kunz.

Thu May 09 11:07 AM

Supe's Stories Episode 29

Talk with David E. Norman kindergarten teacher Amanda Tucker.

Tue Mar 19 08:26 AM

Supe's Stories Episode 28

Chat with Emily Perez, White Pine Middle School social studies teacher.

Fri Mar 15 07:56 AM

Supe's Stories Episode 27

Visit with district spelling bee champion and WPMS 6th grader Ty Willman.

Thu Feb 08 05:49 AM

Key Communicators Messages

From the Superintendent

July Key Communicators Message

Have you ever wondered what school district employees do during the summer months?

Mon Jul 15 11:00 AM

March Key Communicators Message

Updates on the Community Multi-Disciplinary Team for Hope and Belonging, the draft Portrait of a Learner, and Supe's Stories.

Thu Mar 28 11:48 AM

February Key Communicators Message

On the theory of action "Investing in student and staff safety and well-being."

Tue Feb 20 06:32 AM

December Key Communicators Message

The Dot

Tue Dec 12 12:47 PM

From My Heart

Thu Nov 02 07:20 AM

Work That Facilitates Learning Aligned with our Draft Portrait of a Leader

Facilitating opportunities for students to show empathy, kindness, compassion, and college and career ready learning.

Mon Oct 30 06:20 AM

A Few Thoughts

An example of caring individuals uniting to lift our community.

Mon Oct 02 06:32 AM

Dear Friends

Times have been tough.

Sun Sep 10 03:37 PM

Invitation to Alex Boye Performance and Community Barbecue on September 5 at 6:00 pm

Don't miss Alex's performance on September 5: 6:00 pm in the WPHS gym.

Fri Aug 18 11:31 AM

Sneak Preview for 2023-2024

Investments into the Pupil Centered Funding Plan will allow us to take substantial steps toward our vision of "collaboratively growing leaders who will change the world!"

Wed Jun 28 01:58 PM

Urgent Senate Bill 100 Update (Appropriation for School Construction in White Pine)

The bill will be heard in Senate Finance this morning. Please take the time to call in and support!

Thu Jun 01 04:58 AM

Meaningful and Holistic Accountability

Students are #morethanascore. Schools are #morethanastar. States are #morethanaranking.

Tue May 02 12:46 PM

Rigorous and Authentic Learning

A lens to view learning experiences that are not easily quantifiable by traditional tests.

Thu Feb 09 09:04 AM

Summary of Presentation to the State Board of Education

Information on student achievement, educator retention and recruitment, school funding, and authentic assessment.

Wed Dec 21 06:59 AM

Report on Goals 1 and 2 of the District Performance Plan

Considered as a whole, ELA and math proficiency rates increased as did college and career ready participation rates and the graduation rate.

Fri Sep 16 10:50 AM

Back to School 2022

Welcome back!

Fri Aug 19 09:28 AM

Summer Learning and College and Career Readiness Endeavors

Learning continues!

Mon Jul 25 02:26 PM

Staying Engaged through June 8

We plan to keep learning!

Mon May 02 10:46 AM

Encouragement and Links to Presentations on District Progress and Covid Relief Spending

Kindness and civility continue to be important to progress. Link to State of the District Presentation delivered to WP County, City of Ely, Mt. Wheeler Board, William Bee Ririe Board, Rotary Club. Link to presentation delivered to Legislative Subcommittee to Advise on Covid Relief Funding.

Sun Mar 27 09:08 AM

School Safety Reminder

Help us continue to work towards a world class learning environment.

Thu Dec 09 11:08 AM

Report on College and Career Ready Goals

Progress as outlined by the district performance plan

Tue Nov 02 11:01 AM

Week of Respect

Will you engage in the kindness challenge?

Tue Oct 05 07:25 AM

Covid Encouragement and School Culture/Climate Work

Key Communicators Message September 17, 2021

Fri Sep 17 09:36 AM

Our vision is to change the world!
Return to School Updates as of August 6, 2021

Summer learning recap, current initiatives, and covid protocols.

Sat Aug 07 09:49 AM

Advocacy for White Pine and Public Education