Aspiring to World Class Learning

The WPCSD's vision is to change the world by creating a world class learning environment where all participants work interdependently to achieve our mission of promoting, supporting, and ensuring high levels of learning.

We recognize that aspiring to world class learning is a heavy lift; but it's one we embrace. We strive to align all of our endeavors toward this vision.  We also recognize that it is likely we will fall short of world class learning in many ways.  But the vision remains our guiding star, giving us a unified direction.

We define world class learning in the following ways.

  • Core academic learning.
  • College and career readiness opportunities.
  • School culture and climate and development of the affective domain.

The district performance plan spells out quantifiable metrics in each of these categories.  It also provides historical data of our performance on these metrics since 2016.  The plan also lays out our "how"--termed as "theories of action."  Our theories of action are leveraged on educational research and are designed to be pressure points that, when attended to with precision, are likely to move student achievement toward our vision of world class learning.  The theories of action are

  • Dramatically improved Tier 1 instruction.
  • Leadership development.
  • Building systems and structures in service of our vision.

All stakeholders are invited to join the team in this exciting work!  Interested parents, community members, businesses, and citizens can contact superintendent Adam Young at 775 289 4851 or at  School visits and volunteerism are welcomed.

The links below provide regular updates around the team's progress toward world class learning.

Key Communicators Messages

A Few Thoughts

An example of caring individuals uniting to lift our community.

Mon Oct 02 06:32 AM

Dear Friends

Times have been tough.

Sun Sep 10 03:37 PM

Invitation to Alex Boye Performance and Community Barbecue on September 5 at 6:00 pm

Don't miss Alex's performance on September 5: 6:00 pm in the WPHS gym.

Fri Aug 18 11:31 AM

Sneak Preview for 2023-2024

Investments into the Pupil Centered Funding Plan will allow us to take substantial steps toward our vision of "collaboratively growing leaders who will change the world!"

Wed Jun 28 01:58 PM

Supe's Stories

Supe's Stories Episode 20

Visit with two state educational leaders Julianna "Charlie" Brown and Jeanine Collins

Mon Sep 25 01:45 PM

Supe's Stories Episode 19

Visit with superstar and McGill Tiger Joseph A. Opipari III

Tue Sep 19 10:42 AM

Supe's Stories Episode 18

Visit with WPHS Football Coach Jarl Nerdrum and Bobcats Ayden Younce and Koen Shedd

Wed Aug 02 09:07 AM

Supe's Stories Episode 17

Visit with Amanda Campbell, David E. Norman STEAM Instructional Coach, Literacy Expert, and Overall Instructional Guru

Tue Aug 01 04:07 PM