Emily Munk, Teacher of the Month


December 12, 2022




To Whom It May Concern:


White Pine Middle School is pleased to present Emily Munk as the Teacher of the Month for November 2022. Emily is entering her 7th year with the WPCSD and is serving her first year at White Pine Middle School.  All of her years have been served in special education. In addition to her work with individual students and their needs, Emily has served students in the district as a coach and club advisor. Emily comes with a deep desire to help all students to strive academically. She is a deeply caring individual that is committed to helping students with academic struggles to succeed no matter what it takes.  


Emily works diligently to meet the district’s mission of promoting, supporting and ensuring high levels of learning for all.  She does this by providing differentiated materials and scaffolded support for students to be able to meet grade level standards in the classroom.  Emily is very supportive of the district goal of increased cognitive demand through literacy instruction in the classroom.  She has participated in various literacy and STEM trainings over the past few years and implements those practices in her daily work with students.   


Emily is an example of the WPCSD vision of changing the world in a learning environment where all participants work interdependently to achieve.  She is a team player and never hesitates to step in where she is needed.  The most recent example of Emily’s commitment to our students and school community comes in the form of her tireless effort to provide engaging learning slides for our students’ Leader In Me implementation.  Her work in this area is very much appreciated by both administration and her colleagues.   Emily has a history of supporting the whole child with her contributions outside of the classroom.  She can often be seen supporting our students while they participate in their interests outside of school.  Emily is a dedicated wife, mother, and family member that loves spending time building memories with her family!! Emily’s contributions to the staff and student body as well as her impact at WPMS have been immense in a very short amount of time.  Thanks Emily, for your example and all of your efforts at WPMS!!






Susan Jensen