White Pine Students Continue Their Participatory Government and Persuasive Writing Activities


Earlier this school year, Mr. Young challenged DEN 4th and 5th graders and WPMS students to learn about how a bill becomes a law, how legislators appropriate funds into the state budget, and how to exert influence as current residents and future voters of Nevada.  Students jumped in enthusiastically to tackle Mr. Young's challenge.  Their teachers, Ms. Walker, Ms. Wallace, Ms. Neilson, Ms. Hall, Ms. Young, and Ms. Jones at DEN along with Ms. Peck, Mr. Tokerud, Ms. Speakman, Mr. Durham, and Ms. Guthrie at WPMS guided their learning.  The culmination of the rigorous and relevant learning was for students to express their thoughts in a persuasive letter, using the "Claim-Evidence-Reasoning" model of writing and to participate directly in the government process by sending their letters to legislators.

Our eager students sent more than 1000 emails to legislators, describing why they love their schools--especially the teachers, activities, learning, etc.--and why they need a new one--speaking to the 1909 age of DEN and 1913 age of WPMS.

This is a link to the original news story.  If you didn't read it back in March, you should do so now!!

As a reminder, the students whose essays were selected as the highest quality were as follows. 

Ms. Widdison's Second Grade Group Writing!  Read their essay here and view their class presentation here.

Semifinalist: Lucas Orton!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist: Keirra Britton!  Read her essay here.

Finalist: Levi Hanson!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Rowan Costello!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Tatum Clark!  Read his essay here.

Finalist Kambrie Ewell!  Read her essay here.

Semfinalist Brenley Skadburg!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Kyle Vu!  Read his essay here.

Finalist and Grand Champion Catie Murphree!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Cecil Kunz!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Layla Tate!  Read her essay here.

Finalist Krosby Cox!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Addison Pekuri!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Emery Costello!  Read her essay here.

Finalist Kathy Godina Salas!  Read her essay here.

Now these students are working further on their mission of getting Senate Bill 100 heard by the Senate Finance Committee.  Check out the video linked below for more information.

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