Colette Rosenlund, Support Staff of the Month


I would like to nominate Colette Rosenlund as the Support Staff of the Month for May 2022.  Without our support staff our school would not be able to function properly.  Colette has gone above and beyond the normal job description for a SPED aide in her efforts to support students at Lund school.


Colette started with us as a paraprofessional-teacher aide then spent a few months at DEN as a paraprofessional-teacher aide, finally she was able to come back to us when we had an opening in our SPED department.  We were thrilled to have her back because of her commitment to our students and the positive work that she does.  Colette always has a positive attitude that affects all who are around her.


Not only does she spend time helping some students that need the most help, she has also taken on the responsibility of being the aide in charge of our PLP students.  This is a big job trying to keep students up to date and working in that first hour class.  Colette also is an advisor to the 9th and 10th grade class she teaches lessons that deal with social and emotional health. She is a mentor and confidant for her students.


Lund school is truly a better place because she is here.  Mrs. Colette Rosenlund is a valued member of the Lund team and it is with pleasure that I recommend her for this award.  Please recognize her skills and devotion to teaching by honoring her with this award.




Tim Moser, Lund Schools Principal