DEN and WPMS Scholars Engage in Participatory Government through Writing


Writing is a very important part of the WPCSD's World Class Literacy Framework.  The writing emphasis is based on the premise that writing 

  • is a more concrete representation of the thinking process.
  • while more concrete than thinking, is still very abstract and requires writers to fully develop their thoughts so that the audience can make sense of the complex thoughts in the author's mind.
  • reinforces thinking skills like analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • is iterative; that is, it requires revision after revision and is never really "complete."
  • develops persistence and grit as writers work through the revision process.

Our teacher leaders have been intentionally working to help students strengthen their writing for a number of years.

Recently, students in grades four through eight were challenged to engage in a contest designed to highlight those writing skills.  But even more important than refining their writing, students had the opportunity to use their writing to directly interact with lawmakers in Carson City as they consider Senate Bill 100, sponsored by Senator Pete Goicoechea, which would potentially allocate $60,000,000 to the WPCSD for replacement of the 1909 DEN and 1913 WPMS campuses.

Students researched information to include in their essays.  They included reasons why they love their school as well as reasons why they need a new one. 

The Board of Trustees sponsored cash awards for the semifinalists in each grade who advanced to the superintendent's office.  District office staff selected the finalists.  And the Board of Trustees selected a grand champion.  All students, not just the semifinalists and finalists, are in the process of sending their letters to members of the Nevada legislature, in particular the Senate Finance Committee, where the bill currently resides.

Congratulations to each and every student who participated.  Thank you to the families and teachers who guided the scholars through the process.  This community has a great deal to be proud of.  

Semifinalists, Finalists, and Grand Champion

Ms. Widdison's Second Grade Group Writing!  Read their essay here and view their class presentation here.

Semifinalist: Lucas Orton!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist: Keirra Britton!  Read her essay here.

Finalist: Levi Hanson!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Rowan Costello!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Tatum Clark!  Read his essay here.

Finalist Kambrie Ewell!  Read her essay here.

Semfinalist Brenley Skadburg!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Kyle Vu!  Read his essay here.

Finalist and Grand Champion Catie Murphree!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Cecil Kunz!  Read his essay here.

Semifinalist Layla Tate!  Read her essay here.

Finalist Krosby Cox!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Addison Pekuri!  Read her essay here.

Semifinalist Emery Costello!  Read her essay here.

Finalist Kathy Godina Salas!  Read her essay here.

Pictured below are Ms. Widdison's class, Ms. Walker's class, Ms. Nielson's class, and Ms. Wallace's class, Ms. Young's class, Ms. Jones's class, 6th grade semifinalists, finalist, and grand champion, 7th grade semifinalists and finalist, and 8th grade semifinalists and finalist.

Ms. Widdison's class
Ms. Walker's Class
Ms. Nielson's class jumping for joy!
Ms. Wallace's class
Ms. Young's class
Ms. Jones's class
6th Grade Semifinalists including Finalist and Grand Champion Catie Murphree
7th Grade
8th Grade