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We believe that all students will learn at high levels!
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The White Pine County School District is committed to improving the outcomes of students in the community.  The District's overarching goal is to graduate students who are college and career ready.  In order to meet these aspirations, the District embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation.  Integration of technology is tremendously important as educators work to help students meet the growing demands of the 21st Century.  

WPCSD Class Size Reduction (CSR).


WPCSD Literacy Plan.  In White Pine, educators understand that literacy is the most important indicator of future success for students.  The District's Literacy Plan is aligned to the statewide plan and helps guide teachers and parents towards outstanding literacy skills for all students.


District Improvement Plan.  Contributors composed of educators, parents, students, and community members collaborate to develop an overall plan designed to align and coordinate efforts to improve students' outcomes.


Nevada Academic Content Standards in ELA.  These rigorous standards are what students are expected to demonstrate at the end of each grade.  21st Century students must be outstanding readers and writers, whether they plan on attending college or not.


Nevada Academic Content Standards in Math.  These rigorous standards are what students are expected to demonstrate at the end of each grade.  Mathematics practices defined in the standards provide students with an idea of the mindset needed to think like a mathematician.


Descriptors of Students Who Are College and Career Ready.  These indicators outline how college and career ready students approach literacy.


Standards Based Grading Rubrics.  The WPCSD believes in providing students with feedback relative to their progress towards meeting academic and employability standards.  These rubrics outline the expectations.


WPCSD Report Card 2015-16  The Nevada Department of Education publishes a report card for each school and district in the state.  Click this link to find White Pine's.                           WPCSD Report Card.