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Student's teacher(s)/Paraprofessional(s) qualifications right to know letter - click to view 


Nevada has a statewide college savings program for parents!  It's never to early to start saving just a few dollars per month for those little ones to get a post-secondary education.  Click here to view a slideshowClick here for a flyer.  



Safe and respectful schools are critical to improved student learning.  The WPCSD and its staff are committed to providing a learning environment where each student is valued and highly regarded.  Nevada has legislation in place to assist schools and families in working together towards attaining this goal.

Bullying Law Pamphlet - Click Here

Bullying Resources Pamphlet - Click here 


is Nevada's and the WPCSD's student information database.  Each parent and student in the district has a sign on!  If you don't know yours, please contact your school! Click on the Logo to access your student's data, update contact information.


Registration for new students

New student registration - on-line Click Here

Following are required forms for each student in WPCSD. Please view all forms and if you have not completed these forms for your child, please do so and return to their school.

Code of Honor

Educational Accord

Emergency Release

Home Language

Photo Video

Residency Questionnaire

Responsible Use Policy   K-2, 3-5, 6-12

Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Guidelines 

High School Sports Register My Athlete



There is no more urgent issue in Nevada than providing an outstanding education for the leaders of tomorrow. This includes not only programs but also funding the base! Feel free to reach out to our elected officials and share your perspective. Contact Information for Legislators.


Contact Information for Governor Sandoval.


Funding for an adequate and equitable system of public schools that meets Nevada's ambitious goals is critical. White Pine has seen budget cuts of more than $2.1 million in the last two years. Budget Information.


The WPCSD believes that parents are the first teachers of children. Even once students begin school, parents play a vital and irreplaceable role in students' development. Parent Involvement Policy.


The WPCSD's graduation requirements match those mandated by Nevada law.  But all students are encouraged to stretch and remember that graduation requirements spell out the minimum expectation. Students who desire to be College and Career Ready should take advantage of all opportunities, including earning an advanced diploma by taking extra math and science and/or a Career and Technical Education endorsement by completing the terminal course in a CTE sequence. Graduation Requirements.


The district's schools and talented educators are working overtime to improve outcomes for all students. Nevada School Performance Framework.


These documents help students, teachers, and parents understand that grading is based on what students have learned, as opposed to an accumulation of points. The rubrics emphasize thinking and reasoning and have a component devoted to employability. Grading Rubrics.